I will beat Zillow’s price…or pay you up to $5,000!*

Think Zillow knows the Glendale and surrounding areas real estate market better than I do? Let’s take the challenge!

In recent years, we have repeatedly outperformed Zillow’s so-called “Zestimate”. We have done it for your neighbors, and we can do it for you as well!

We have a unique and non-traditional marketing method on how we go about selling real estate, and our sales records prove it all. We can prove to you that we’re more accurate than the computer screen most people think is precise. Interestingly, even Zillow admits that their Zestimate is not as accurate as most may think.

With my unique challenge, if my target pricing is off, you have up to $5,000 to gain and a heck of a LOT MORE if I’m right! It’s a WIN-WIN opportunity for any seller that’s serious about working with us!

*Certain restrictions may apply.

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